Wednesday, May 26, 2010

new tweetie birdcage

Just love love love this new item!! Whimsical, sweet, delicate..and totally handmade!!
Would look great in alittle girls room, or even a big girls room! 2 alike..all hand made by my driver Gusti and his wife and a few women helpers in their village in central Bali.
Gusti and I worked together to create this gorgeous piece, travelling all over the capital Denpasar looking for trimmings, ribbons, beads, flowers mean feat as there were not many choices around. Some of the little stores we looked in were like aladdins caves with all sorts of bits and bobs..I remember climbing up a ladder into the roof cavity of one place.where they had stashed a supply of old velvet ribbon...still don't know how I got out as the space was so small and crowded and HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! But I did find ONE roll of pink velvet ribbon and ONE roll of mint velvet ribbon...that made me happy.
Was it worth it?? OFCOURSE!!! This went on for several days till we had a nice stash of goodies to work with. Then we could not find the little birds anywhere so another of my resourceful Balinese freinds asked his brother to carve some up for us..GREAT!!!!
So this item is TOTALLY handmade, created with loads of love and laughs......and its absolutely GORGEOUS too!!
The results speak for them selves!!!


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