Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smile this is a happy blog!!!!!

am going to blog and bla bla about my fun shop, about, my crazy designs, about REAL people and so much mre bla bla....get ready to laugh and have some fun.
Heres our story so far......

The Goldfishgifts journey began in the 1988 whilst Elisa and Roel(goldfishgifts owners) where travelling through Bali.It was there that they bought their first mobile from Ketut Nik.....a softly spoken and rather shy Balinese man, who sold his mobiles from a little porch in front of his home. This humble mobile was the catalyst for Goldfishgifts!

When we tried to order more mobiles but in different colours..we were met with a blank stare......after evaluating the situation we understood that Ketut had NO other colours...and he only had one brush!! So we marched across the road to a little store and promptly purchased tins of paint, sandpaper, brushes, string, knives..everything he would need to make these mobiles!! We were repaid with the most wonderful smile and eventually, beautiful mobiles!! Goldfishgifts was born and Ketut Nik was on his way up!

His sons are now all eductated, married and have their own export businesses and Ketut Nik just sits and smiles!

Goldfishgifts Happy wooden mobiles..designed in Australia by Mrs Goldfish(elisa doro) and lovingly handmade in a small family workshop in Bali.

All paint is non toxic and mobiles are totally processed by hand . The wood

used is either mdf or pine from controlled plantation forests. the bags they

come in are made in another small village on the other side if Bali where

previously unemployed, stay at home mothers, gather to gossip and work


They are made with a smile with the intention of making you and your

children smile too!!! They also proudly received best Australian designed

toy 2008 as awarded by ITSA..the Independent Toy specialists association.

ALL of our products are designed by myself and are handmade.

I have been working closely with my producers for over 15 years and

together we have learnt, laughed even cried but always been positive about

the Goldfish products.

The mobiles and wall plaques are all part of a cottage industry where men

and women and teenagers all work from home on different processes of the


There is a small workshop at the back of Putu's (he is the main man)

parents in law's house where much painting and assembly is carried out.

The workers work 8 hrs a day and are provided with snacks and lunch,

which is prepared freshly at the premises by Putus wife Made or mother in law.

There are 4 young men who have come from a poorer part of Bali, Karangasem, for much needed work. They are provided with all meals and accomodation and return home once a month.

They now all own motorbikes which is a definite luxury as well as necessity for all those longtrips home.

The work area is bright and colourful and the workers really are like a big

family. There is music and water available, and ofcourse a bathroom. The space is open and not at all confined. I often ask if they wouldlike a fan but they prefer the natural breeze and ambient temperature.There are many times when no one turns up to work for days because of some religious festival or other. Being Hindus they are very involved in their religion and love an reason to go to temple, catch up with freinds, chat and ofcourse some praying .

There is always a small offering at the entrance to the premises as well as several others around the workshop too. God and spirits are

everywhere..even at Goldfish!

Over the years we have helped send a few of the workers' children to high

school and always given them a bonus payment at the end of an order.

The overall feeling at the workshop is light and happy, its clean, organized ,

small and has 2 friendly pigs next door who often snort for attention.

There are over 20 people employed by our workshop on a regular basis with

at least another 20 for other related work.

We feel very happy, and proud of these wonderful people and their


They are made with a smile with the intention of making you and your

children smile too!!! They also proudly received best Australian designed

toy 2008 as awarded by ITSA..the Independent Toy specialists association.

The Happy Flags and balls are made by my friend and driver in Bali..Gusti

and his wife and family.

I was always trying to find something for his family to make so they could

make some extra money and then the idea of the flags came. I asked Gusti to

ask his wife Ayu if she would like to try and make them and voila the next

day I had my first sample.

Now she employs 8 to 10 women work from their homes sewing the flags.

Previously these women had no opportunity for work because the village was

so far removed from tourists and business people, but now they are all busy

and happy sewing..its so great to visit and they all call out hello Elisa!!! you

have more job??

So as you see we produce safe, beautiful, handmade products that are made

with love and good karma ..for a reasonable price...what else can we do?



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